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Online Shopping? The Best Deals Are Just A Click Away

The featured image is the Crossover Lace To Toe Sneaker in Cognac.

On August 12, 1994, the New York Times ran a story that reported the very first internet transaction. It all began when Dan Kohn made a sale to his friend in Philadelphia. For $12.48 plus shipping, Kohn sold his friend a - Sting’s "Ten Summoner’s Tales" CD. Shortly after, online shopping was born.

Things have changed a bit since then. This year, online shopping will reach $4.2 trillion in total sales and is expected to hit $6.5 trillion by 2023. The number of people shopping online has also increased from just two friends to over two billion people. With more shoppers, more sales, and more products, online shopping continues to grow.

The reasons behind the growth in online shopping are obvious. One of the biggest reasons is convenience. Consumers are able to decide what online clothing store they want to shop at while never having to worry about store hours and products being out of reach. With an estimated 24 million online clothing stores to choose from worldwide, the options are mind-boggling. Another reason is the ability to quickly find sales and bargains while shopping between reputable retailers. From the comfort of your home you’ll be able to do all of your clothes shopping online.

It’s no surprise that 40% of all apparel, accessory, and shoe sales are now made online. Additionally, eCommerce shoe sales were up over 20% last year. Plug in the search term “shop online shoes” and Google will find you nearly two billion websites to help you buy shoes online. With so much information out there and so many shoe stores online, it’s important to follow a few simple rules when you online shop for shoes.

Find the Perfect Fit

Before buying shoes online, it is necessary to do your best to get the right fit. Since you are unable to try the shoes on before purchasing, you can measure your feet a few different ways. To find your size, you can measure your feet at a local store using a Brannock device or find your most comfortable shoes that closest match the style you are buying and check that size. You can also have someone else trace your feet. When doing so, make sure you are standing upright and try and measure your feet at the end of the day when they are at their biggest. You will want to measure both feet and buy shoes to fit the larger of the two. Lastly, if the online shopping site has it, check out what other customers have said about the sizing and fit of the shoes.

Reviews Help Make Your Decision Easy

Almost always, a shoe website will have a place for customers to write reviews. Before you make your purchase, it’s a good idea to read a few of them; especially those from verified purchasers. While the one- and five-star reviews are insightful, generally the more honest reviews come from the 3- or 4-star reviews.

Be Specific and Timely with Your Purchase

When online shoe shopping is necessary for a specific event, make sure to pick out a dress or casual shoe that fits the outfit you’re planning on wearing. You will also want to keep in mind the duration it will take the shoe to arrive since you will want to give yourself enough time to try them on and exchange for a new pair if needed.

Double-Check the Return Policy

Before buying any shoe online, you will want to read the return policy and find out who pays for the return shipping, how long you have to return, and if there is a restocking fee. Once you receive your shoes, try your new shoes on as soon as possible. Test them out with the type of socks you plan on wearing them with, stay indoors, and try to minimize any scuffing or other damage to ensure returning your pair is still an option.

Discounts, Sales, and More

There are plenty of discount shoes online and other online shoe sales are all just a click away. Take a little time to make sure you have the best price. Look for coupons, rewards, discount codes (usually posted at the top of the homepage), and if you can, wait for online shopping sales like Black Friday or Labor Day to get the best shoe deals.

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