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Men’s Accessories That Complete Your Look

Men’s accessories. What are they and how to use them? Anything you add to your clothing is considered an accessory. Shirts, pants, shoes, jackets, sweaters, etc. are not men’s accessories. Men’s accessories are the little things that you add-on to your outfit, like a watch, hat, cufflinks, pocket square, or men’s wallet. Men’s accessories give you an opportunity to add style to any attire. Used properly they tie your look together, enhance your clothing, and show your personality to the world. When done wrong, however, men’s accessories can break an otherwise perfectly good outfit.

The featured image is a variety of Florsheim belts.

Men’s Wallets are an Important Accessory

Men’s wallets spend most of their lives tucked away in a dark place (your pocket) and only make the occasional, brief appearance. When they do finally get their chance to show the world who you are, be it in the checkout line or a restaurant table, the last thing you want to be flashing is a nylon and Velcro number. Out of all the wallets for men you just can’t beat a well-aged, rich leather men’s wallet. Have your initials embossed into it for an additional layer of sophistication.

Men’s Socks can Easily Enhance your Outfit

Technically, men’s socks serve a definite purpose and therefore they are not an accessory. But we put them on the list because along with covering your feet they can enhance your outfit like of the other men’s accessories on our list. Boot socks, crew socks, men’s dress socks, no matter what the type, to really add to your look find a pair with a cool design and/or loud color. When everything you are wearing is a little on the conservative side, a nice pop of color and a bit of fun is a great way to add your personality to your outfit.

Watches Should be Worn

Now that we can all get the time on our phone, a men’s watch is no longer a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer an important men’s accessory. The general rule to follow is to match the formality of the watch to the clothes you are wearing. In other words, dress clothes-dress watch. Sometimes a dress watch can be worn with casual clothing but definitely not the other way around.

Men’s Belts are One of the Most Important Accessories

When it comes to men’s accessories, few are more important than men’s belts. Choosing the right belt for men ties your look together. The simple rules to follow are, match your men’s belt to your shoes. Take into consideration the color, type of material, and style of the belt. Brown shoes and a brown belt, dress shoes and a dress belt, and so on. It is fairly straight forward and also very important to get this right.

Pocket Squares add a Subtle Pop of Color

A pocket square adds a nice final touch to a suit but a crisp pocket square is an especially nice men’s accessory when worn with a sport coat with an open collar shirt. Like your men’s socks, this is a perfect place to add a pop of color to any attire. You can never go wrong with a simple white, handkerchief-style pocket square for dinners or more formal occasions. When worn with a tie you can either match them completely or choose one in a color palette that works with the primary color in your tie.

Make Sure to Match your Tie Clips and Cufflinks

When wearing cufflinks, there are four basic rules to follow. One, only wear them with French cuff or shirts made for cufflinks. Don’t try punching holes in your shirt collar. Two, match the metal on your cufflinks to any other metal you wear like your watch, belt buckle, or tie clip. Three, match the color to the color of your tie. And lastly, four, don’t mix and match cufflinks, always wear them as a pair. When in doubt you can never go wrong with a pair of understated silver cufflinks. They work for almost any occasion.

Lastly, don’t go overboard on accessories. Wear two or three at a time, at most. Men’s accessories are worn to compliment an outfit, not to distract from it. Moderation and subtlety should be your goal. From little seen men’s accessories like men’s wallets, to in-your-face fancy men’s socks, when they’re done right, men’s accessories are like the olive in a martini, the perfect finishing touch to whatever you are wearing.

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