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This Season’s Best Gift Ideas For Men

The featured image is the Lodge Cap Toe Lace Boot in Black Crazy Horse.

As the holidays approach most of us find ourselves looking for gift ideas for men. Whether it’s family or friends, gift giving is an important part of the tradition. Friend, father, son, or husband, finding the perfect ideas for holiday gifts shows that we care about them, understand them, and have taken the time to try to make them happy. Check out our holiday gift guide for a few of our favorite men’s gift ideas

Belts Complete the Look

No men’s gift guide is complete without a belt. That’s because nothing ties his look together like a belt. Before you put a belt on your gift ideas for men list, check the size against one of the belts he already owns or if you know his pants size add two inches to the waist measurement.

Socks are a Must-Have

We all wear socks. They are a safe choice and should always be on any list of great gift ideas for men. Get him a fancy, colorful, and fun pair and let grandma buy him the black dress socks. No-show socks are also a great sock option for when he wears loafers!

Bags and Wallets are Always a Good Choice

Most men are happy with a gift of a wallet or a bag. Leather bags make for a sophisticated gift. There is something about the look, feel, and even smell of a soft leather bag that is hard to beat. Likewise, an alternative to a leather bag is something made of canvas. And no matter what his age, a new leather wallet is always a great gift idea for men. Either of these are great options.

Travel Gear is a Necessity

One of the best gift ideas for men are travel essentials. Some of the most popular items for any men’s gift guide are wireless headphones, dopp kits, briefcases, duffle bags, or suit cases. And here at Florsheim, we have no shortage of travel accessories and gear.

Shoes can be a Great Gift

This one is a bit tricky to put on your list of gift ideas for men. Unless you really know the man, his likes, and needs, then casual and fun shoes are probably your safest bet. Take a little time to peak in his closet or observe what he wears. That’ll give you an idea of what he likes and what he needs. Whether you’re looking for dress or casual, we’re sure to have an option that would suit his style.

Shoe Care Products are Always Appreciated

If you don’t want to buy the shoes, help him take care of the ones he already owns. Shoe care products are a great gift idea for men, because most men don’t keep a good stock and can always use more. From creams and polishes to shoe horns, overshoes, and cedar shoe trees, these are great gifts for men that are always appreciated.

Gift Cards are a One Size Fits All Gift

If you aren’t sure about his style or don’t know exactly what he needs, a gift certificate is a one size fits all alternative that allows him to select his perfect gift. A win-win for both of you, he gets to choose his own gift and you pay just what you want to spend. For that reason, when in doubt, put a gift certificate on your list of ideas for men’s gifts.

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