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Sizing Shoes At Home Is Easy With Our Helpful Tips

How are shoe sizes measured? Shopping online but worried about getting the right fit? These are questions we can help with…

How to Measure

The featured image is the underside of the Uptown Wingtip Oxford in Cognac.

The simplest way to get the right fit is to look at the shoes you’re wearing. Wondering about the best way to measure shoe size? Of course, shoes differ but generally if you like the way they feel, that is almost always the right size for you. To make sure, use a Brannock Device. This isn’t something most people have at home but they’re available at most local shoe stores. But don’t go it alone. Feet need to be measured while standing straight up, with all your weight on your feet. To get an accurate measurement you need someone to help set the device and read the numbers while you’re standing straight up.

What to Look for

The featured image is a man tying the shoe laces of the Supacush Plain Toe Chukka Boot.

Many people think that a shoe fits if there is a thumbs width of room in the toe, but that’s not necessarily true. The most important thing to look for is where the ball of your foot sits in the shoe. Regardless of the length, if the widest part of your foot fits into the widest part of the shoe, the shoe will likely fit well and be comfortable. In some shoes, that may leave you with a half inch or less between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe, in other styles it may be an inch or more. Don’t worry about that as much, as long as the ball of your foot is in the widest part of the shoe you’ve got the right size.

Measure at the End of the Day

The featured image is a man wearing the Heist Moc Toe Lace Up Sneaker in Cognac Multi.

Standing, walking, and general daily activities put stress on your feet, as a result they swell as the day progresses. Some people’s feet can be a half size bigger in the evening than they were in the morning. When sizing shoes it’s best to do so in the evening when the foot is at its largest. Keep in mind your foot size can also change with age and weight changes, so make sure to measure your feet each time you purchase shoes.

Measure both Feet

The featured image is the Montinaro Cap Toe Oxford in Cognac in Saddle Tan sitting on a table.

Many people have two different sized feet. Some differ by a half size or even more! This is why it is important to always measure both feet. If your feet are not the same size, buy shoes that fit the larger of your two feet.

Socks Count

The featured image is a man tying the shoe laces of the Mercantile Wingtip Oxford.

When trying to answer the question, “What shoe size am I?” the simplest piece of advice we can offer is to always try on shoes with the type of socks that you would normally wear with the particular style of shoe you’re buying. The thickness of your socks will affect the fit and comfort of the shoes and can change what feels right by one half size either way.

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