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Men’s Travel Tips, The Right Shoes for the Road

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Whether you are going on vacation, to a work conference, a seminar, or any business meeting, planning what shoes to bring is an important part of any trip. If the trip is strictly for pleasure, a true vacation, then let the destination decide what shoes to bring. However, if you are going on a cruise, then loafers, sneakers, and sandals will do; but remember there may be a night at the captain’s table where a pair of dress loafers is needed. And if your vacation takes you to a city or mountains, then make sure to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes.


Business meetings, conferences, and seminars require their own dress codes. When traveling for business and packing for a conference or seminar, versatility is important. During the day when listening to the conference or seminar speakers, you will want a pair of comfortable shoes, preferably something you can wear with a sport coat and chinos, which is generally accepted conference or seminar wear.


Some other things to consider. More than your average day at home, a trip usually involves additional walking or at least spending more time on your feet. Make sure the shoes you choose have the support you need. With a pair of comfortable sneakers your outfit will have 10/10 style while keeping your feet supported throughout your adventures.


No matter where your business trip or vacation takes you, versatility is the key to choosing the right shoes. Especially with high baggage charges and weight restrictions, bringing packable or one less pair of shoes is always helpful. If you have a one pair of shoes that can be worn to both the conference keynote and the conference dinner, so much the better. Finally bring along the proper shoe care and cleaning products for the shoes you choose. This includes a lightweight pair of shoe trees, preferably cedar shoe trees. You don’t want to be the guy at the seminar that is remembered for the unkept state of his shoes.

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