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Work From Home In Style

The featured products are the Venture Knit Plain Toe Lace Up Sneakers in Mushroom, Navy, Gray, and Black.

More than ever before, people are working from home on the daily basis. Many of us have settled into our new roles nicely and are enjoying some of the perks of not having to go into the office. One of the biggest perks while working from home is being able to have more control over what you wear. With no office dress code, you have more freedom with your fashion when getting ready for the day.

Now that doesn’t mean you should roll out of bed and log on wearing your favorite sweatpants and t-shirt. Dressing to impress is still a must, even while working from home. Why is this important? For one, your sense of self-worth. Your wardrobe can impact your psychology and getting dressed to work from home can help make you more focused and productive throughout the day. Plus, in a world full of Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings, your colleagues should see you looking your best.

Keeping it casual is the answer to your new at-home office attire, and that goes for your shoes as well! Pair men’s casual boots or men’s casual dress shoes with a solid colored fitted shirt in classic colors such as navy, black, or white and your work from home outfit will be equally as comfortable as professional. Additionally, dark-wash jeans and a pair of men’s casual sneakers is also a great choice. And, if you are accustomed to wearing a sport coat to work you can give your outfit a work from home casual vibe with a cardigan or other knit blazer alongside your go-to business casual shoe.

The key to work from home attire is ensuring you are comfortable. No matter what your new comfort office shoe looks like, your team members will be impressed with your new office shoes that enhance your work from home style. And who knows, after many days of working from home while wearing men’s casual shoes, you may never want to go back to the office again.

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