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Keeping up with Men’s Shoe Fashion Trends as the Seasons Change

A look at what men search for on the internet shows that we have a lot of questions when it comes to picking our footwear. What are the latest men’s shoe fashion trends? What shoes should I wear in summer? Can I wear boots to the office? What shoes are best for winter weather? What colors go with each season? In an effort to keep up with the latest fashion trends, here are the answers to some of men’s most asked questions.

The featured image is the Postino Cap Toe Oxford in Cognac.

What are the latest fashion trends?

Like all style trends, shoe trends come and go. The good news is that this season, fashion trends are not just about look, feel also matters. Yes, comfort is one of the hottest shoe trends, and it’s one we are all happy to follow. Dress shoes that feel like sneakers are in. Lighter, better cushioning, and more flexible shoes are all the rage. Style trends include hybrid designs that combine dress shoe uppers with sneaker-like cup soles and shoes that feature mixed materials and textures like smooth leather and suede or nubuck. Other fashion trends include wedge soles, more pronounced brogueing, bold colors, and stacked heels.

What are the seasonal shoe trends?

As a general rule each season has its own color palette. Spring colors are light and warm, pastels, yellows, and pinks. Summer colors are also light but with brighter shades of green and blue. Fall colors are warm and dark like red, orange, and brown. Finally, winter colors are cool and dark, grays, blacks, and steel blue are always dominant colors. To find the right shoes for any season, follow our color palette and combine it with the shoe trends listed above – you can’t go wrong.

What shoes are best for spring/summer?

There’s a handful of styles that work well for those long, summer days. Some of our best suggestions to have in your closet are a dress-casual oxford, a boat shoe, and a pair of sneakers. Our Crossover features a natural leather upper, an athletic-inspired design, and on-trend colors, to create a shoe that touches all the style trend bases. Flipping gears to a more nautical style, nothing says warm weather shoe style like a boat shoe. Following the shoe trends of mixed materials and colors, the Great Lakes is one great shoe. And lastly, you can’t go wrong with a dress-casual oxford. Casual, cool, colorful and comfortable, our Transit has a sleek design with a modern wedge sole to meet your office or after hour needs.

What are the best styles for fall/winter?

Bring on the boots! We love a good chukka boot. Our Highland, with its sleek profile and stacked heel, is a versatile addition to any cold weather collection. And yes, this boot can, and should, be worn to the office. Another boot that looks at home in the office or on the weekend, the chelsea boot was first popularized by rock groups in the 60s. Our Flair takes that classic look and adds hot fashion trends of contrasting colors and a wedge sole. While we love a great oxford, we suggest opting for a stylish slip on. Every collection needs a good slip on, and as shoe trends go, our Sorrento stays one step ahead with its stylish heel and smooth leather on the upper.

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