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What To Wear To An Interview

The featured image is a man wearing a blue suit and looking out into the distance.

Wondering what to wear to an interview? It’s an important decision. They say you should dress for the job you want not the job you have, so when it comes to interviews, what you wear is incredibly important. Research has proven that what you wear to an interview affects your interviewer’s perception of you, and could make or break a job offer. So, what exactly should you wear? We have created the ultimate guide for choosing an impeccable interview outfit that is sure to impress.

The best interview outfits for men begin with the suit. Studies show that blue or black are the best colors to wear, so try a navy suit as it is a safe and classic choice.

Next, a dress shirt. Avoid bright colors like orange or red because they send a message of power, but not in a good way. Instead, choose a white button down because it signals that you are detail-oriented and organized.

Then, choose a tie. Stick to diagonal stripes, solids, or minimal patterned ties to keep things simple. A serene blue tie is a great choice because it symbolizes persistence and peace. Or if you’re feeling a bit bolder, go for something red. A splash of red gives off the impression of power.

Finally, the foundation of your look: the interview shoes! We have a wide variety of options that are interview-ready here at Florsheim, but we have listed a few of our favorites below.

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